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As a real estate professional, Dhanvi Builders works as a constructor, builder, and developer of real estate services & builds dream homes, hotels, and farmhouses at affordable ranges. We are guided by our vision of “Developing a better life for tomorrow,” which aims to serve the best quality & global standards and spread a legacy of trust for present and future generations.

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Over the years, Shaktawat and the Dhanvi Builders team have worked on various real estate properties. Our esteemed clientele consists of Business Owners those looking to upgrade their lifestyle with huge investment base in real estate and companies planning to expand their facilities in Udaipur. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and provide a wide range of services for all.

From property management to renovation support, we are equipped to handle many real estate management and development tasks. From planning the overall property style to making the final home/apartment/office, the team at Dhanvi Builders helps in every task.

  • Architectural and design support– With years of experience under our belt, we have helped create customized, high-quality modern real estate designs for clients. We would consider your pointers and plan a suitable multi-storeyed or single-storeyed facility, using the best approaches. Our engineers and construction professionals develop a modern and robust property.
  • Upscale your investment in profitable properties- While we focus on the client investment in properties like resorts, farmhouse, and hotels. Many professionals in our company have experience and knowledge with profitable returns in real estate investment and provide expert help in that area. With our assistance, add up the profitable investment in scaling properties with profitable returns.
  • Manage the whole real-estate and property handling process– Our workers also help with the property management We have analysts and planners in our team who take the time to research the property and plan carefully. This includes steps to handle the condition of the development process, the real estate, and the detailed internal work.
  • Property deal-making process– While our team at Dhanvi Builders works on property management, we also help with the final property buying & selling We discuss the budget and cost of real estate after proper research on the locality, property specifications, client requirements, and more.
  • A dedicated team of workers- We provide non-stop dedicated support to our clients throughout the period. Plus, each property dealer handles specific projects completely to assure a personalized investment, development, and sales process.

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Why Choose Us?

From the first planning and research period to the final signing of the papers, our professionals provide help in every step of the real estate development and sales process.

  • We research the condition of the real estate market and gather insights on the rates, trends, and buyers’ interests.
  • The team at Dhanvi Builders is available to plan the property’s development, decide on the resources, and design the luxury feel framhoses and hotels with great view of city of lakes Udaipur.
  • We take the time to study the mindset and purpose of investment by each of our client and plan perfect solution for them.
  • Our team also provides budget and mortgage rate details, legal and government real estate law points, and measure overall cost factors.
  • We help plan and organize home tours, compare the value of homes, and study the neighborhoods.
  • We prepare personalized plans for the renovation and work out deals with brokers, shareholders, and final home buyers/sellers in our contact.

Need help with your real-estate management and design needs? Contact us anytime, and we will be there to aid you in every way possible!