Top 5 Builders of Udaipur, Rajasthan Who Shaped the City’s Magnificent Skyline.

Whether you want to build a home, an office, or any other kind of building. Or you are thinking of buying a home or apartment in a building. Finding an experienced builder who can make your dream a reality is the first and most important task. In this blog, you’ll get all information about the top builders in Udaipur. Here, we will tell you about the qualities and work of the top 5 builders in Udaipur.

A builder is a construction expert who supervises, coordinates, and regulates the construction and repair of homes. Also, they oversee the renovation of homes and other building structures. These are the professionals who are responsible to handle the entire construction project. They regularly participate in all phases of construction, from managing subcontractors to working directly on the project themselves.

Udaipur is a popular tourist destination in India, and it is on its way to becoming a smart city. Because of this, demand for both residential and commercial properties is rising here daily. Because of this, real estate builders in Udaipur are providing projects ranging from reasonable homes to lavish bungalows as well as multipurpose commercial properties.




Below is the List of the best 5 builders in Udaipur

Dhanvi Builders

When it comes to top builders in Udaipur only a few builders can come close to Dhanvi Builders’ outstanding reputation. Under the direction of Mr. Kuldeep Singh Shaktawat, this construction company in Udaipur has finished a number of upscale projects. Dhanvi Builders’ main goal is to provide the finest homes and flats in Udaipur. Their commitment to excellence throughout the years has given them the honour of best real estate developer in Udaipur. They are experts in developing iconic structures and affordable homes at record speed. Also, they make sure that their valued residents enjoy the richest life possible.




In Udaipur, they have initiated and successfully completed many projects. They put the customer first in every one of their initiatives. Also, they ensure the projects they are working on fulfilling their clients’ demands and satisfy them. Some of their projects are Shree Nakoda Vihar, Nakoda Nagar, Nakoda Arihant Vihar, and Ekling Vihar. Apart from building services, they also offer home renovation services. Additionally, they offer services for both interior and external design. They are famous for transforming homes elegantly.

Address: Rehat Wali Ghati, Dhinkli, Udaipur 313001, Rajasthan, India
Contact No.: +91 87398 07898

Sakaar Builders

Sakaar Builders is one of the renowned names in Udaipur in the real estate industry for quite some time. They offer houses, flats, workplaces, plots, and other areas. Their goal is to offer clients a convenient lifestyle with the best features and amenities for their homes. And they are achieving it by offering customers a pleasant lifestyle with the greatest facilities and conveniences for their houses.

Address: Neptune Apartment, 170 New Fatehpura, Near Sukhadia Circle, Udaipur (Rajasthan) 313001

Parshvanath Dream Homes

In Udaipur, Parshvanath Developers is a popular name that is not reliant on praise or adulation of any type. They have been dedicated to providing the best living space options over the years. For their customers, they are building the most effective infrastructures. Offering the top-notch residential developments necessary to meet Udaipur’s evolving lifestyle is their constant purpose.

Address: Office No. – 130, 1st Floor, Old Ostwal Plaza, Sunderwas, Udaipur – 313001, Rajasthan, India

Naveen Construction Company

Naveen Construction Company has a team of highly skilled, competent, and experienced individuals. That gives them a place among the top 5 builders in Udaipur. Because modern building technology is always evolving company keeps its knowledge and abilities updated with it. They have undertaken and finished many projects with diligence. Residential complexes, colleges, and hospitals are a few among them.

Address: 5, Shree Mahalaxmi Market, Behind Navjeevan Hotel, O/S Surajpole, Udaipur (Raj.) 313001

Srajan Builders

The thriving and active property developer firm Srajan Builders is a prominent part of Srajan Group. They have a growing portfolio in housing, commercial, and investment real estate. Their efficient service management gives their customers complete peace of mind. They aim to create a brand that is known for its superior innovation, top-notch services, and loyal consumer base.

Address: 359, Road No. 10, Shri Niketan Street, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur (Raj.) 313001, India


Hope you find this list of top 5 builders in Udaipur helpful. These Udaipur builders are working hard to give the finest residential and commercial space to the city’s residents. Their goal is to create the best infrastructure and improve people’s standard of living. To develop advanced architecture and create a smart city, they are utilizing the most up-to-date building methods and equipment. Make a good choice and hire a builder who can effectively complete all your construction needs.